A wonderful coincidence, epitome of love

My brother informed me that he is coming out hometown from his work place, pune. I felt like why will he come always without staying at one place and spending time in quality learning. But I didn’t express my displeasure.

I welcomed him warmly when he arrived home. But I was sulky and depressed without any reason. My bro was worried about my sulkiness but I conveyed him that I’m perfect.

Soon after the breakfast, I fainted a little. My mom caught me and rested me on bed. My bro, mom and I rushed to hospital. Nurse at the hospital took me into operation unit and began their work.  It was time for my accouchement. I was elated as the time to reveal  has arrived but I was little scared too as to how I may go through this. 

When doctors arrived and started giving me injections, it was very painful. At last it was my cutie charming and naughty Aleena arrived. Every one was happy and then I realized that my bro coming home and Aleena coming into the world has a wonderful coincidence. Though I haven’t foreseen it, but it’s really a wonderful coincidence which stands as a proof of my brother’s love for me and my daughter. The love pulled him towards us even when I was not contented with his arrival. 

This is the love we have till date and wish that it last all through our life. 



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