Focused back to life


I flash back to days where I was focused mainly on learning and sharing knowledge with my peers. Most often, my instructors, friends were astonished at my sincere focus towards studies. There came a disturbance in my teens, where I was addicted to yahoo chats which distracted my whole point of success. After hitting the ground from the ladder of success, now I come to realize that I was completely blindfolded in the infatuations that I had during teens. 

This is the time in my life I could realize what it means to live life, patience, success, hard work, courage to move forward. I understand what it means to be independent and dependent and what are all the things that one needs to prepare to start living independently. It’s not so easy to live independently and not good to live dependently. I’m transitioning from dependent to independent slowly and scrupulously. 

I thank nature a lot for restoring me from tumultuous times to a brightened side for an amazing present and future in order to conquer my life’s goal. I’m also very grateful towards my well-wishers who helped me to focus on my life goals once again.

It’s time that I’m rejuvenating in the happiest way possible.


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