A person is said to possess a mighty heart, when they can hear the unexpressed, see the invisible, touch the inner souls and live for others well being. It’s ones wisdom, to help others in need, give unbiased treatment to people, creating a healthy and sustainable environment for all to live in. Though the world doesn’t recognize, the nature tags them “Mighty”. I have come across some people in my life which led me to astonishment at their great mighty heart and wisdom with which was they tried to make human existence on earth wonderful . One of the mighty person was my granny, who intensely loved welcoming people to her home and serve them with her best.  She used to offer food, clothes and even some pretty financial help to people who were in dire need. She was much concerned about others well being and possessed great wisdom regarding righteousness, purity and human morals. To assess how much she was concerned about humanity is, this one glimpse “she used to move hard stones aside from the way she passes, so that no one gets hurt accidentally”. By nature she was cheerful always and showed empathy for whomever she met. 

Though she left the world, it was her delighted qualities that she still remains alive for all of people who have got in touch with her.  Though she is not a famous personality to the world but she is the world for many and she lived life with a perfect content and never required the service of anyone.  She was that woman who rendered services for others and expected nothing in return nor longed for anyone, for her service.

She stands as a role model for me and there are plenty of her qualities to imbibe into me. 

The last note and obviously the important note for everyone of us is

Let’s try to make as best as possible to create the world a better place to live harmoniously



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